• The Acid Lounge – Winter 2015

    The Acid Lounge – Winter 2015

    The Acid Lounge started as my radio show on the University of Colorado’s Radio1190 radio station for a solid five years, from 2000-2005. Now, it exists as a series of playlists and podcasts, published sporadically and sometimes monthly. The Acid Lounge Winter 2015, hosted on Spotify.

  • Berghain Music Club – Berlin, Germany

    Berghain Music Club – Berlin, Germany

    Suggested to my by both Jan Nick and Alex Takashima, who said I should go if I love electronic music! Thanks guys for the suggestion. From Rolling Stone: Berghain: The Secretive, Sex-Fueled World of Techno’s Coolest Club Berlin’s Berghain is famed for its groundbreaking sounds and X-rated sights, but the club is also a test…

  • Listening: MIXED BY Kastle via Thump

    Listening: MIXED BY Kastle via Thump

    I’ve been obsessed with this mix lately, as it’s been providing a perfect background soundtrack to preparations for my next adventure… Happy listening. MIXED BY Kastle by THUMP. I’m also using this post as an experiment for embedding geo coordinates with each post, and generating a summary map of all geocoded posts. [geo_mashup_map]

  • Listen: Little People – Youth & Progress DJ Mix

    A fitting first post as I move back to Boulder for the winter – I’m loving Little People’s somewhat old “Youth & Progress’ DJ Mix. It’s been re-posted as a lead up to his new album, Youth & Progress. From the DJ: “Here is an old DJ mix which i put together for the launch…

  • Shooting for Joios at Saks Wine Tasting

    Today I took a few pictures at Saks Fifth Ave in NYC for Joios, a new app. A few shots..  Joios is a food & drink community and process, built to empower exploration and discovery. We connect people: eaters, drinkers, producers, vendors, experts and amateurs. They’re drawn by the opportunity to find exciting flavors collaboratively,…

  • Here’s What I’ve Been Listening To Lately: EOS!

    Great mix from EOS on, my new favourite mixtape site.. EOS – Change is Good! Mix Dubstep, Progressive House

  • Mix of the Day: Feed Me’s BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix

    Mix of the Day: Feed Me’s BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix

    While I’m working all day, I usually listen to electronica mixes. Lately my favourite website to find new mixes is – and today, I found a great new BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix by Feed Me. Essential Mix is one of my all time, long time favorite radio shows, and is hosted by the…

  • Muji’s Ambient Background Music

    Muji’s Ambient Background Music

    Every time I shop in the Muji down the street from my office, I notice their soothing, hip, and perfectly fitting background music. Sometimes it’s ambient dreamscapes, sometimes pop, sometimes acoustic, but always nice. Today Boing Boing posts a piece about Muji’s BGM ambient background music. Soothing… Makes me remember back to the Buddha Machine,…

  • Best Album Ever: The Avalanches – Since I Left You is being re-released!

    Best Album Ever: The Avalanches – Since I Left You is being re-released!

    Wooo! It’s about time – in honor of its 10th birthday, the classic Avalanches album “Since I Left You” is being re-released. After hearing this album for the first time in 2002, I’ve been hooked – it’s easily in my top 3 most listened albums of all time, and one of my favorites too. From…

  • Planet Bluegrass

    Today marks the start of the Telluride Bluegrass Festival.. with the crush of people coming into town, and the crazy spectacle of a large portion of them, it’s like being on another planet.. Planet Bluegrass… I’m delighted, and horrified. Listening to: Ghostland Observatory – Midnight Voyage

  • Back on Radio1190 – DJing A Guest Set on Sub-Harmony

    Back on Radio1190 – DJing A Guest Set on Sub-Harmony

    During college at University of Colorado at Boulder, I worked at the college radio station Radio1190 KVCU as both the RPM Music Director and the host of my own radio show, The Acid Lounge. During the show’s 5 year run, I had the privelege of having DJ and producer Chad Westcott on as my co-host.…

  • Online Project: Playlist

    Online Project: Playlist

    For now, the Playlist project is simply an aggrigation of RSS feeds from my audio scrobbling feed, as well as my Hype Machine loved tracks feed. Going forward, I’m hoping to build a playlist feature that will play recent tracks I’ve loved and listened to from around the web. Additionally, my brother Jason has…

  • The Twelves: Essential Mix

    The Twelves: Essential Mix

    Pete Tong’s Essential Mix is always great, and was a major inspiration for my old radio show on Radio1190, The Acid Lounge.  Lately I’ve been loving remixes by Brazilan duo The Twelves, and just found a recording of The Twelves Essential Mix. Listen: The Twelves – Essential Mix Interestingly, a few years ago while working…

  • Updating the Breezeblock Post

    Looking at traffic metrics for the blog, a significant amount of traffic has been generated by my old post on BBC Radio One’s old radio show The Breezeblock. It looks like people have been finding the post looking to download old shows. Unfortunately, over the years, and through a couple domain/server moves of this blog,…

  • CMJ 2009 – Japanther at The Suffolk

    CMJ 2009 – Japanther at The Suffolk

    Brooklyn based rock duo Japanther playing last Thursday night at The Suffolk, as part of the 2009 CMJ Music Marathon… Strangely, Michael Meyer posted a few pics of the same show on is “The Daily Up” blog, and got a shot of me taking the above picture with my Canon SD780IS digital camera – it’s…

  • The Acid Lounge – First Episode

    The Acid Lounge – First Episode

    Here’s the one that started it all – the pilot episode of my college radio show, The Acid Lounge, broadcast in 2001 on Radio1190, KVCU, Boulder. The audio is a little hot, but you get the gist of where the show began. Enjoy! [display_podcast] The Acid Lounge – Pilot

  • Stunning new HD video from the Canon EOS 5D Mark II

    Stunning new HD video from the Canon EOS 5D Mark II

    The yet to be released Canon EOS 5DmkII, in addition to 21 Megapixel stills, also takes full 1080P 30FPS video, Akihabara News just posted another stunning, unofficial Canon EOS 5DmkII HD video, taken with presumably a pre-production sample of the camera. It goes on sale at the end of the month, at which point expect…

  • Musical Roots: The Breezeblock on BBC Radio One

    Musical Roots: The Breezeblock on BBC Radio One

    Update on 2010-02-21 – BBC Radio One’s show “The Breezeblock” hosted by Mary Anne Hobbs has long been one of my favorites. Back in college, it was one of the two main influences in defining the sound of my radio show on Radio1190, “The Acid Lounge“, along with Gilles Peterson’s show “Worldwide”. Although I’ve listened…

  • Who needs Instinctiv when you have real Pandora on your iPhone 3G?

    Who needs Instinctiv when you have real Pandora on your iPhone 3G?

    Why make software for an increasingly dwindling market – the 1st generation (EDGE) iPhone. Instinctiv is a new company that’s making iPhone software that purports to predict what you want to listen to based on a number of factors, and the smartly shuffles your songs accordingly. But it only shuffles your own songs. Only the…

  • Weezer – Pork and Beans Video Sources

    The new Weezer music video for Pork and Beans off their forthcoming album (the red album), due out June 3rd, 2008 is quite the mirror. In one foul swoop, they managed to distill down most of the major “viral videos” from the last couple of years, including some older classics, namely All Your Base (Zero…

  • M83 – Saturdays = Youth

    M83 – Saturdays = Youth

    The latest album from M83, Saturdays = Youth is out as of April 14th, and it’s purely wonderful. A slight departure from the sounds of the previous albums, especially digital shades, but great in its own way. This album holds its own among Anthony Gonzalez‘s repertoire of M83 sounds, but fits perfectly within it. The 80’s, song driven style is…

  • It’s….. The Dozens!

    The Dozens, the band that I do marketing for/help out with is playing a gig this Friday, February 29th at Connolly’s, in NYC.  Come on out this Friday for “A gig so awesome, it could only happen once every four years”.. or so they say. Check out their myspace page and flyer for the show…

  • The Acid Lounge 2004-09-08

    The Acid Lounge 2004-09-08’s first podcast! This is an old episode of my college radio show The Acid Lounge, from 9/8/2004. I originally mixed and broadcast it on Radio1190 KVCU-Boulder from 9pm – 11pm.  For more info on The Acid Lounge, and to see all of my older playlists, surf over to The Acid Lounge Blog. Enjoy! The…