Musical Roots: The Breezeblock on BBC Radio One

Musical Roots: The Breezeblock on BBC Radio One

Update on 2010-02-21 – BBC Radio One’s show “The Breezeblock” hosted by Mary Anne Hobbs has long been one of my favorites. Back in college, it was one of the two main influences in defining the sound of my radio show on Radio1190, “The Acid Lounge“, along with Gilles Peterson’s show “Worldwide”. Although I’ve listened to a ton of the Breezeblock mixes, I only managed to download and archive a handful of them. In the recent years that this post has existed, there’s been a good amount of traffic from people looking to download and listen to Breezeblock episodes so, I’m posting up as many of the shows as I can find. Also, here’s a listing of a lot more of the episodes on Mixes DB Cheers!

Original Post from 2009-07-07

Just unearthed Lemon Jelly’s 1999 Breezeblock, originally broadcast on BBC Radio One. I’m a huge fan of this mix, and of Lemon Jelly in general – give it a listen – uplifting and fun.

Lemon Jelly Breezeblock from BBC’s Radio One 1999

Also, when you’re done with that, check out a video or two – Stay with You is fantastic.

Reminds me a lot of Michel Gondry’s video for the Chemical Brothers’ “Star Guitar”, another favorite.

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  2. curtis

    i’ve been looking everywhere for the breezeblock, any chance you can send it to me please? =D

  3. Yeee, this mix is one of the greatest music loves of my life. My hard drive crashed and this cutie hasn’t been backed-up. Any chance to get it? pleeeeaze :)

  4. […] at traffic metrics for the blog, a significant amount of traffic has been generated by my old post on BBC Radio One’s old radio show The Breezeblock. It looks like people have been finding the post looking to download old […]

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  6. So fantastic. Lemon Jelly is the best and The Breezeblock was awesome. Thank you so much for posting these.

  7. I need The Avalanches mix. I have all their albums, but have not been able to find this gem legally or not. Please *tears* I am desperate. It. Is. So. Beautiful.

    1. I didn’t even say please, how rude of me.

    2. Oh wait yes I did!

    3. Yep, the Avalanches mix is awesome. It’s already available in the blog post, and here’s the direct link to it. Avalanches Breezeblock Download

      Also, I recently wrote about the 10 year birthday of Since I Left You

    4. you are clearly a gentlemen

  8. Keep Sailing- Race Ullman Sails.

  9. Thanks for posting these, much appreciated!

  10. dudsie

    does anyone have BATTLECREEK ALLSTARS – HEADLINE SET – 10th April 2000?

  11. […] (I also posted a Chemical Brothers music video in this post about Lemon Jelly) […]

  12. Big thankyou.

  13. Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou! I had lost my download of that Roots Manuva Breezeblock mix! Finally found it again on your blog! :)