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The WAIS Divide, Antarctica DISC Drill crew in January, 2015. From left Rick Smouse (ASC), Otto Neumuth (ASC), Jim Koehler (IDDO), Mike Waszkiewics (IDDO), Jeffrey Donenfeld (IDDO), and Don Kirkpatrick (IDDO).

Living and Working at the West Antarctic Ice Sheet Divide Field Camp, Antarctica – Summer 2014-2015

After a very successful 2014-15 summer season working at WAIS Divide, Antarctica, we’ve wrapped up our operations and redeployed. Here’s a quick summary of the season: This year in Antarctica, I worked at the West Antarctic Ice Sheet (WAIS) Divide Ice Core Field Camp for the University of Wisconsin-Madison Space Science and Engineering Center (SSEC) …

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The main control center for the Ice Cube Observatory

USB-C Is The Connectivity Standard of the Future. Here’s a Cable That Will Last The Duration

The future of cable-connectivity for our technologies is almost definitely USB-C. It’s a new standard that combines an incredible variety of technologies into one unified, reversible, flexible, and expandable cable and connectivity standard. It’s combination of physical size, ease of use, and technology integrations make it seem like an obvious candidate to replace most of …

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Loading a dewar of liquid helium into the Dark Sector Laboratory.

Frozen Money: The Economics of Antarctica

Science and Operations in Antarctica has been a keen interest of mine for many years. During the Austral Summers of 2012-13, 2014-15, I worked at a number of locations in Antarctica. In this paper, I take a closer look into the sources of funding for American operations in Antarctica, as well as explore a number …

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