Spacecraft Power System Development Startup Amplified Space Pitches at Angel Capital Summit

Spacecraft Power System Development Startup Amplified Space Pitches at Angel Capital Summit

This week, spacecraft power system development startup Amplified Space‘s CEO Jerome Hittle pitched the company at the Rockies Venture Club Angel Capital Summit, as part of the Rockies Space Fund Aerospace Track. I’ve been working with Jerome and the team as a mentor and coach for the last couple of weeks, and was proud that Jerome’s pitch was received so well by the audience of investors and founders. Below is video of the pitch, summary, and key takeaways1.

Interested in working with Amplified Space? Reach out to me and I’ll be happy to put you in touch with the team.

AmplifiedSpace enables the next revolution of spacecraft modularity through the development of smart power systems to replace traditional rigid power systems that have been used in spacecraft development. This is done by joining adaptable hardware and configurable software to enable remote power management.

Pitch Summary

Jerome Hittle, addressing an audience on behalf of Amplified Space, underscored the company’s pivotal role in revolutionizing power systems for spacecraft manufacturers. Hittle, drawing from his extensive experience in the space industry, spotlighted the inefficiencies and limitations of traditional spacecraft power systems, which are not only time-consuming to develop but also risk mission failures due to their lack of adaptability and reliability. In response to these challenges, Amplified Space introduces an innovative solution akin to the integration of hardware and software in smartphones, significantly enhancing the configurability, speed, and dependability of spacecraft power systems. This approach reduces the development cycle from 24 months to just one, presenting a groundbreaking improvement that caught the interest of the International Space Station.

Hittle elaborated on Amplified Space’s strategic vision, which involves leveraging its unique technology to serve a broad spectrum of applications, from initial testing and services to large-scale colonization efforts. The company’s business model incorporates a SaaS interface, anticipating significant revenue growth, particularly with a projected surge in 2026 as small-scale production commences. Amplified Space seeks to secure a matching grant from the Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade, with 25% of its funding needs already committed by leading names in the aerospace industry.

The discussion further delved into the technological underpinnings of Amplified Space’s power systems, emphasizing their enhanced efficiency through the use of cutting-edge GaN transistors. This advancement not only propels the company ahead of conventional dedicated power systems but also underlines its potential to redefine space exploration and habitation.

In conclusion, Hittle passionately articulated the essence of human ingenuity in the exploration of space, positioning Amplified Space at the forefront of this endeavor with a commitment to transforming the solar system through its innovative power solutions. The dialogue underscored the company’s readiness to confront industry challenges, indicating a promising trajectory for Amplified Space in the aerospace sector.

Key Takeaways

  1. Innovative Power System Development: Amplified Space is setting a new standard in spacecraft power systems by offering a combination of hardware and software solutions that significantly reduce development timelines from 24 months to just one month, increase reliability, and offer unprecedented configurability to meet the varied needs of space missions.
  2. Market Disruption and Demand: Jerome Hittle highlighted the company’s disruptive approach to traditional spacecraft power systems and its reception by the industry, including interest from the International Space Station, demonstrating a strong market demand for more efficient and adaptable power solutions in space technology.
  3. Strategic Growth and Funding: Amplified Space is strategically planning for significant growth, marked by a notable revenue jump anticipated in 2026 as it enters small-scale production. The company is actively seeking financial partnerships and has already secured a quarter of its funding needs from prominent aerospace industry investors.
  4. Technological Advancement: The use of cutting-edge pan transistors and the integration of software and hardware mirror the evolution in consumer electronics, like smartphones, to space technology, offering over a hundredfold increase in efficiency and adaptability for spacecraft power systems.
  5. Human-Centric Innovation: At its core, Amplified Space emphasizes the role of human creativity and ingenuity in space exploration. Hittle’s narrative connects the technological advancements of the company back to the individuals driving these innovations, underscoring the human element in the conquest of space.

Interested in working with Amplified Space? Reach out to me and I’ll be happy to put you in touch with the team.

  1. Pitch summary and takeaways generated by ChatGPT-4, based on pitch recording transcript. ↩︎