LG NOVA Webinar Series: Innovation 2023 – Digital Health

LG NOVA Webinar Series: Innovation 2023 – Digital Health

Thanks to the LG Nova Digital Health team – Atul Singh and Darren Sabo for hosting this morning an interesting session Healthcare Innovation. A few notes from today’s session:

Challenges and Opportunities for digital health innovation

  • Digital interoperability
  • Data privacy and security
  • Digital Infrastructure
  • Regulatory environment for digital health services
  • Staff shortage and burnout
  • Acute care in the home setting
  • Artificial intelligence in healthcare
    • (Singh) Elective surgery backlog – opportunity for AI to accelerate the process of streamlining patient care? Evidence based recommendations to clinicians?
    • (Singh) AI assisted robotic surgery – limited and cutting edge at the moment. Enhanging precision, reducing invasiveness.
    • (Singh) AI used more readily in operations center – reduce workloads, reducing wait times through checkin resource allocation, billing.
    • (Sabo) AI – Augmented Intelligence – AI helping clinicians make decisions- augmentatiuon and assistance vs replacement.
    • AI used to understand how elements of your community can affect patient health
    • (Sabo) VR/AR healthcare training – both procedures, as well as patient contact.
  • Using digital tools to improve care coordination. Once patient leaves acute setting, there are opportunities to streamline management of the patient journey. Reduce readmittence.
  • Nanotechnoloiges – precise delivery of drugs, enhanced capabilities of diagnostic tools.
  • Digital life printing – 3D printing organs

About LG Nova Digital Health

As digital health technology continues to evolve, it presents unprecedented opportunities to enhance patient care, improve access to services, and revolutionize the way healthcare is delivered. In this 60-minute webinar, we will delve into the diverse facets of digital health and explore cutting-edge advancements shaping healthcare’s future. Our speakers will share based on their current roles and previous experience in digital health innovation.

Discussion Topics

  • Overview of the current landscape and trends in digital health
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) in healthcare
  • Insights & strategies for digital health startups and entrepreneurs
  • The Patient Journey – Impact on healthcare and patient outcomes
  • A look into the future – Exploring emerging technologies in healthcare