SXSW Future15 – NFC and RFID, How It Will Change Mobile

Future15 – NFC and RFID, How It Will Change Mobile, presented by David Berkowitz, Sr Dir of Emerging Media, 360i

How Near Field Communication (NFC) and Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) will change the wireless industry, user experiences, marketing, and shopping. Mobile phones a now being looked as a ubiquitous device that plays an increasingly important role in our lives. The mobile phone started as a tool to talk to people while away from a landline. Apps began to emerge on legacy phones, with the networks controlling content. Smart phones and most importantly the Iphone changed this stranglehold on content by creating an open developer ecosystem. Now the mobile phone is more akin to a computer than a phone. As the mobile phone increases in importance and new features are integrated such as RFID and NFC technologies the functions the mobile phone is used for will likewise increase. Today we use the mobile phone to use apps and surf the net. Tomorrow we will use the mobile phone to open doors (literally), pay for our purchases, earn loyalty rewards, redeem coupons and much more. The introduction of NFC and RFID into the mobile phone, which is a certainty, will not only change how we as users engage with our environment but also how retailers and marketers as well as network operators do business. Network operators will begin to look more like credit card companies, marketers and retailers will now be able to track purchases and redemption of coupons, in turn rewarding these behaviors with loyalty reward points.

David Berkowitz Bio:
David Berkowitz is Senior Director of Emerging Media & Innovation for 360i, the digital marketing agency, where he develops social media and mobile programs for marketers spanning the media & entertainment, retail, travel, and CPG industries. Every Tuesday, he pens the Social Media Insider column for MediaPost; he had written over 250 columns for MediaPost since 2004. Prior to 360i, he served as director of marketing for Viewpoint’s rich media advertising group Unicast and marketing firm iCrossing. Previously, with research firm eMarketer, he interviewed 175 executives, authors, and analysts on the cutting edge of technology and business. His writing has also appeared in Advertising Age, MarketingProfs, iMedia Connection, DM News, and other publications. He is frequently quoted online and in print, having appeared in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Reuters, the New York Post, the Associated Press, and USA Today. Ad Age, Ad Week, and PR Week have all named him among the most influential advertising and marketing professionals on Twitter. Mr. Berkowitz has spoken at over 100 events, including SXSW, CES, Digital Hollywood, ad:Tech, Blog World Expo, Web 2.0 Expo, and Social Ad Summit. He has also guest lectured at a number of corporations and campuses, including Google, Coca-Cola, Cox, Yale University, MIT and NYU. He has also blogged extensively, contributing to MarketingVox, nowEurope, AdTechBlog, and others. He has published his own since 2005. He currently blogs at Advertising Age’s Digital Next, 360i’s Digital Connections, and his own He has a BA in Psychology from the State University of New York at Binghamton and served on his alumni association’s Board of Directors. He currently lives in New York City.


  • How NFC is used today
    • Currently through STICKERS. Googly eye goofy stickers
    • DQ sed a company called tetherball, which makes stick on NFC stickers, which you stick to your phone for use in the store.
    • Slurp Data for 7/11
    • Touch a Tag – USB readers and stickers – capture the tag game
    • Mixi NFC physical checkin in Japan. No gps needed, proves that the user is inside the store.
    • Deck download: