Berghain Music Club – Berlin, Germany

Berghain Music Club – Berlin, Germany

Suggested to my by both Jan Nick and Alex Takashima, who said I should go if I love electronic music! Thanks guys for the suggestion.

From Rolling Stone:

Berghain: The Secretive, Sex-Fueled World of Techno’s Coolest Club

Berlin’s Berghain is famed for its groundbreaking sounds and X-rated sights, but the club is also a test case for how tourism and gentrification are threatening Europe’s party capital

In the past, I’d only felt nervous outside a nightclub if I was relying on a fake ID or wearing the wrong kind of shoes. But at Berghain, the hopeful can queue for up to three hours and still be turned away from some of Europe’s most hallowed dancefloors, thanks to a notoriously strict door policy.
Set in a former power station in Berlin, legends are built on euphoric tales of the atmosphere within, where two huge sound systems pump techno into a cavernous interior, and a 1,500-strong crowd dance themselves well into the following day.
But before the party gets started, clubbers must first get past the club’s terrifying, grim-faced gatekeeper, Sven.
Berghain’s head doorman is a man who looks like a post-apocalyptic bearded version of Wagner, the Brazilian X Factor contestant who destroyed multiple hit songs in 2010. But rather than destroying music, Sven destroys clubbers’ dreams of getting in, with highly selective decisions on who makes the grade.