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  • Exploring Berlin, Germany

    Exploring Berlin, Germany

    After an epic climb up Mont Blanc in France, I jetted up to Berlin, Germany for a quick stay. My longtime friend Petra happened to be staying at a friend’s vacant apartment the week I was there, so I stayed with her, and spent the week exploring and catching up with friends. This was my…

  • Berghain Music Club – Berlin, Germany

    Berghain Music Club – Berlin, Germany

    Suggested to my by both Jan Nick and Alex Takashima, who said I should go if I love electronic music! Thanks guys for the suggestion. From Rolling Stone: Berghain: The Secretive, Sex-Fueled World of Techno’s Coolest Club Berlin’s Berghain is famed for its groundbreaking sounds and X-rated sights, but the club is also a test…