M83 – Saturdays = Youth

M83 - Saturdays = YouthThe latest album from M83, Saturdays = Youth is out as of April 14th, and it’s purely wonderful. A slight departure from the sounds of the previous albums, especially digital shades, but great in its own way. This album holds its own among Anthony Gonzalez‘s repertoire of M83 sounds, but fits perfectly within it. The 80’s, song driven style is solid and makes the album listenable from beginning to end. M83 is one of those sounds that I very frequently put on when I need to buckle down to some serious work, focus, or just walk around and get lost in thought.

Additionally, offering it on iTunes as iTunes Plus (DRM free) makes it actually worth going for the instant gratification iTunes route. I’m a little sad to not have the full album artwork, and feel bad for contributing to the downfall of physical packaging artwork, but love the idea of not cluttering my bookshelf with more physical jewel cases. The higher quality and DRM freeness of iTunes Plus makes it a viable music purchasing channel.

Here’s the first single from the new album: Graveyard Girl by M83