CNN Prints Custom Headline T-Shirts

CNN Prints Custom Headline T-Shirts

CNN Headline T-ShirtsPushing forward on the viral, social, apparel front, CNN is now printing one-off headline T-shirts. Now, if you go to the homepage, you can click the little mini t-shirt icon next to a headline, and poof, get a black, white or grey T-shirt made with that headline, time-stamp, and CNN logo on it. Absolutely amazing.

The best part about it is it’s hackable. You can put your own headline on custom CNN headline t-shirts simply by changing the text in the url. Imagine the possibilities here – put any headline or phrase you want into a CNN-branded tshirt.

Shirts are $15, plus $4.99 for shipping. They’re luckily printed on ultra comfy American Apparel shirts, which is very welcome – screw those crappy “beefy-t’s”. Looks like they’ve partnered with Spreadshirt for printing and distribution. More info on CNN’s FAQ.

Additionally, this is purely an impulse item. The headlines are only available to be printed while the headline is in the current news section – as soon as it’s old news, the shirt is history. Finally, CNN is fixing to go ultra viral on this. They’re including links to post your shirt to facebook, and since they are strictly time limited, the buzz factor is set to be huge.

Kroosh also posted on this at nearly the same time. We were competing to see who could get it up first/get the most crawl etc. Who won?

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4 responses to “CNN Prints Custom Headline T-Shirts”

  1. I think that they should definitely allow archived headlines to be printed on t-shirts. Some of the best news is old news… these days headlines are too depressing to want to wear them on our chests.

    Isn’t society already wearing today’s headlines all over our faces!!!?? :)

  2. what a fantastic concept – not only will this increase traffic to the site (since people only have a day to get that headline) but it caters to a younger audience as well. Maybe it is a tactic to entice younger folk to read the news more often? Who knows? What a great way to intertwine knowledge and fun – an idea that, I feel, is lacking nowadays.

    On another note, are you allowed to print anything on those shirts? For instance, profanity or other such racey quotes? Will CNN be monitoring this before they start printing some socially unacceptable terms branded with their logo?

  3. Unfortunately, you can’t print anything. You can change the shirt display on the webpage by modifying the URL, but it will error out when you try to actually buy it.

  4. i was thinking of going on you know make a theme and promote one of the great blogs of the 2.0 era but im afraid id get sued for the copy right infringement and the profit that id get would be lost, then i though to go to and profit off of the logo up top but once again the feeling of a looming lawsuit and my money pocked off of this blog would be lost, i thought the same thing for then thought the same thing and realized that i shouldnt steal the logo and likness that would be a crime and i intend to stay on the right side of the law, but for cnn…