AT&T iPhone Faster Than Verizon iPhone – But Not More Reliable

This past week, CNN reported that according to Ookla’s mobile speed test, the AT&T iPhone transfers data much faster than the Verizon iPhone. Of course it does – AT&T’s implementation of its 3G technology is much faster than Verizons. However the main thing that must be kept in mind here is that the AT&T iPhone is faster WHEN IT CAN GET A CONNECTION, which is intermittently at best. It seems like the Verizon iPhone, while it may be slightly slower in transferring data, is much much more reliable when it comes to being able to make that connection to transfer the dat. It’s unfortunate that AT&T’s network is so incredibly unreliable – I’d go for a more reliable Verizon iPhone anyday, but prefer to stick with the global standard GSM technology group, VS Verizon’s less widespread CDMA.

Since both AT&T and Verizon are using LTE technology for their “4G” service, and will likely offer the same model 4G iPhone, the choice for my next phone and provider may really come down to soley network reliability – and judging by this study, Verizon is far ahead.

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