Who needs Instinctiv when you have real Pandora on your iPhone 3G?

Who needs Instinctiv when you have real Pandora on your iPhone 3G?

Why make software for an increasingly dwindling market – the 1st generation (EDGE) iPhone. Instinctiv is a new company that’s making iPhone software that purports to predict what you want to listen to based on a number of factors, and the smartly shuffles your songs accordingly. But it only shuffles your own songs. Only the music you have on your phone at that moment. No network listening.

I can see how this would appeal to iPod Touch and 1st generation (slow EDGE) owners, but, since the 1st Gen iPhone is no longer on sale, that group is starting to dwindle. On the new iPhone 3g, with speedy fast 3G network connectivity, is Instinctiv really necessary? (Or, does it have a viable future?) Why not just listen to real, genuine Pandora radio, if that’s the experience you’re going for? Although it’s not out yet, I’m almost positive a real, native Pandora radio application will be released for the new iPhone 3G, which will (or, should…) use not only the iPhone’s wifi connection, but the 3G cell data connection as well.

Better yet – ever shared with a friend a Pandora station you’ve made? Cool to be able to listen to the same batch of songs, no? How about allowing iPhones running the Pandora radio application to synchronize their stations, so two iPhone listeners can listen to a synchronized Pandora station? Why not push this feature to the standard browser based web player too? It might get dicey for the music licensing, but would be cool nonetheless.

(Seen on TechCrunch)

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4 responses to “Who needs Instinctiv when you have real Pandora on your iPhone 3G?”

  1. Hey Jeff,

    Thanks for writing about us! To answer your question, our decision to launch our app in this way was for several reasons:

    1) we think there’s still a market for this app (10K+ users in the first 24 hours of release)

    2) firmware 2.0 will be hacked as soon as it comes out :)

    3) but the most important is that the SDK is very weak and limited, without its full access, we couldn’t make something nearly as interesting as the Instinctiv Shuffle. As a result, we really felt that this is not just an app, but it is a symbolic gesture that Apple needs to start thinking about revolutionizing the mobile industry, not its bottom line and give developers more to work with on the SDK.

    As for the future of Instinctiv, this is the first of many products that we will launch. Including a web application in the next few months. our Instinctive Technology is truly superior to anything online today!

    If you would like to be on our PR wire for future updates, just shoot me a quick email at contact@instinctiv.com

    Thanks for the write up again!


  2. i’m soooo gonna get an iphone when i return to the states!!

  3. jeff, ge, and ml make some good points but ultimately the iPhone is a sleazy big media device designed to take our money for a rather pointless one dimensional piece of junk. Sure I’m posting this with my iPhone and I will buy the 3g when it comes out but google with its cheap post android products, at and t with the connect card, and comcast with its fast spead Internet are easy contenders in a year to make the iPhone look like a silly fad, in a similar way that a microsoft computer with virus protection is a bettar value for the average person. Apple is on the way out for the reasons that starbucks is because their products are just fancy packaging, aren’t as practical as the commercials and not even guy Kawasaki can save the cancer apple now. Building google apps and facebook games is a much more productive usage of time than the overhyped iPhone market that is more saturated than a tropicana juice!

  4. if you want to listen to Pandora on the iPhone now (Edge, wifi, or 3G) check out the ooTunes media server. Also works with Seeqpod, last.fm, mp3tunes, and any mp3 radio stream you can listen to in iTunes.