Back from Alaska with geocoded photos

Back from Alaska with geocoded photos

I’m back in NYC, after a great trip through Alaska. Writing a blog post about the trip is no simple task, though – in addition to the description, here’s what I’m working on:

Collecting photos from my camera (3 sd cards, 4gb total, about 650 photos), my brothers camera (200 or so photos), and my father’s camera (300 or so photos)

Download continuous (30 second interval) tracklog from GPS.

Geocode all photos – update photo EXIF data with lat/long info, as well as nearest city info

Integrate with Google Maps API to generate custom google map showing trip track log, as well as selected photos

Generate similar Google Earth KMZ File, with slightly more data, including USGS topographic data from backcountry portion of trip.

Upload all photos and videos (I didn’t mention all the videos yet, did I…) to Flickr, arrange in album, assign permissions – most will be private, many will be “friends/family only”, a representative few will be public – make descriptions for public pictures.

Edit video clips from associated sections of trip (river riding, bush plane, crashed weather balloon discovery) into watchable videos. – Upload to YouTube, tag, etc.

Collect links/info for Alaskan friends and their websites.

Finally, write blog post, and post up links to various media items – embed some.

How’s that sound? Stay tuned!