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Barcode vs NFC Payments on iOS6 and iPhone5 – Why Barcodes Are Better

With Apple’s eminent announcement of iOS 6 today, mobile payments will get yet another major boost. Now my barcode-scan based payment scheme won’t be restricted to only the beloved Starbucks app, but will open up to lots of other applications too. A few thoughts on Barcode Scan Payments vs NFC Payments. Certainly not fully fleshed …

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What Youll Be Able To Do With The Next iPhones New NFC Antenna

Very interesting roundup of all of the uses for the new iPhones NFC Antenna. If Apple does in fact include an NFC antenna in the new iPhone, and if implimented correctly, the implications are quite exciting.. Word just leaked that the next generation of iPhones will come with a special kind of antenna, designed for …

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Email Overload! My Year in Emails According to ToutApp

At the end of last year, startup ToutApp released an online tool that analyzes my entire gmail account and provides an interesting statistical breakdown of email trends. A few excerpts from the report: ToutApp also makes a nice business networking iPhone app, which simplifies the network/instant followup workflow when meeting people. A competitor to Bump? …

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Google favors mobile optimized sites in their mobile search results

Recently, a client asked me about Google Mobile Search Results, and how the algorithm works to prioritize results aimed specifically at mobile users. In general, I believe that Google favors mobile optimized sites in their mobile search results. There are a number of usability features, such as location base services, screen real estate, and touch …

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