Roll your own iPhone Application

Roll your own iPhone Application

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Lately there have been a couple new websites and services which allow users to “roll their own” iPhone and mobile applications. Sites like ShoutEm, AppMakr and iSites all take your content feed, and re-present it in a custom designed iPhone, Android, or general mobile app.

Most roll-your-own app makers charge a small fee, and import an RSS feed into a custom branded, multi platform application. Additionally, some apps are even allowing users to custom create social networks, complete with location awareness.

This is a great indicator of the important that mobile apps have gained. IN terms of branded applications (opposed to utility apps, games, etc) now, not only do large companies have apps, but smaller business, including even individual bloggers can have their own. Especially since location based services like Foursquare have gotten so popular lately, custom apps that can latch onto these existing networks could be destined to engage their niche, target audience.

Interesting custom mobile app sites I’ve found include:

On a similar note, Agata just wrote about smartphone wardrobe and beauty applications – a great target utility for mobile!

Update – Seems like apple has started cracking down on the most basic do it yourself iPhone applications.



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  1. Ilan Ben Menachem

    Common way to connect with people through space and place.

    1. Yep – the one thing that’s always within arm’s reach.