DigiDay:Apps Mobile Applications Strategy Conference

DigiDay:Apps Mobile Applications Strategy Conference

I spent the day today at the DigiDay:Apps Mobile Application Strategy Conference.  Agenda on Digiday’s site.

Below are my brief notes from a few of the talks.

App Show and Tell Part II: Presenter:Gabe Dorosz, VP & Management Supervisor, Interactive, Cramer-Krasselt

  • Downloading apps currently is difficult because there are too many handsets/platforms, lack of platform detection infrastructure.
  • Consumers don’t necessarily care whether utility is served as app, web app, etc – as long as it works.
  • Installable Mobile Applications
    • Pros – Always on – no network necessary, depth of engagement, leverage of device features and full power, trafficking in app store
    • Cons – Cost of development (up to 250K), platform fragmentation, time to market (approval process), distribution and maintenance channels, increased competition (currently)
  • Cross-Platform Apps are by far the most popular and successful aps
    • Top application platforms in international markets: iPhone, Android, Symbian, Web.

Not Just Fun and Games: Driving Revenue with Game Apps and Virtual Goods:

  • Adam Broitman: Moderator
  • Adam Boyden – Conduit: Big challenge faced by developers is the multitude of platforms out there. Increasing market fragmentation dictates that applications must be available everywhere.
    • Three Rules for Monetizing Social Games: 1. It’s all about friends. 2. It’s all about community. Get people to talk about the game outside of playing the game. 3. Involve players in success of the game – listen to your players.
  • Nima Pourshasb – Live Gamer: Market for “virtual goods” is already established, and is growing. Multi-billion dollar scales for virtual goods – EA, Zygna. As payment methods evolve, less friction to putting money into virtual economies
  • Joe Monastiero – appMobi: Cloud SDK’s could allow mobile developers to migrate games and applications into the cloud for cross platform compatibility
  • Rob Oshima – Funmobility: The way that brands are currently getting involved in virtual economies is actually driving CPMs down. Brands are buying ads that simply aren’t working very well, even in good games.

3:40pm: Apps: The Next Frontier in Video:

  • Mike Henry, CEO, Outrigger Media
  • Alex Blum, CEO, KickApps: Create a more engaging experience with video – there’s a lot more that’s possible. Player as app can be a syndecate-able item. Be careful with app creation – must support overall marketing message and brand campaign.
    • Mike Lu, Director of Product, RockYou: App within an app that plays content.
    • Eric Rosentahl, COO, Kyte: Make sure video content is geared towards where the users want to be. Customize the user experience. Brand is the most delicate in monitoring image.