IntoNow iPhone app is like SoundHound for TV

This week I got to try out the new iOS Application “IntoNow“. Into now listens to what you’re watching on TV, and by fingerprinting and scanning a massive online database of TV show audio samples, manages to figure out what exactly you’re watching. While using it, I found it to be fairly accurate and response. Great Retina Display graphics too.

In addition to the core technological feature of IntoNow – TV show identification, the application also tries to keep users interested, and extend the functionality of the app by offering social connections, and an easy way to synchronize tv watching habits across friends. For an initial release of a new catchy tech demo, it’s worth noting that IntoNow is really trying to make the app catch on in the main stream quickly.

Between the functionality of of song fingerprinting apps like SoundHound and Shazam, visual object and text recognition like Google Googles, and 1D/2D (Possibly holographic or 3D?!) barcode scanning apps like Red Laser, StickyBits and Quickmark, and now IntoNow, the tech base for an all knowing, all seeing, omni-recognizing super world sensing app is laid down. Now, as the mobile device processor speed, mobile network speed, and battery life improves, we’re getting closer and closer to our phones always knowing where we are, what we’re watching, looking at, listening to, talking to, and buying. Throw in GPS and geofenced push notifications, and you can begin to see the possibilities. And of course your XBox Kinect will know when you’re at home sitting on your couch along, with a group, and probably even who you’re sitting with.

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Ps – On a side note, we may see barcodes go away all together, in favor of cheap, embedded radio chips that work with NFC enabled cell phones – which will start to appear very very soon..

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