Updating the Breezeblock Post

Looking at traffic metrics for the blog, a significant amount of traffic has been generated by my old post on BBC Radio One’s old radio show The Breezeblock. It looks like people have been finding the post looking to download old shows. Unfortunately, over the years, and through a couple domain/server moves of this blog, the original file I liked to in that post was lost. So tonight, I re-uploaded the originally linked file, as well as all of the other set files I have – and made them available for either download, or immediate listening.

To listen directly on the webpage, I’m using Yahoo’s media player widget. I’m generally not a fan of Yahoo these days, but their media player widget seems simple enough, requires importing one javascript file to use, and it instantly converts all media file links on the page to play links- there’s no need to specifically tag media files for it to work. I like this because it allows for future upgradability, and ideally compatibility with a future HTML5 update to the blog –  since the linking to media files is in standard HTML and not with any plugin specific code, if I were to change up the player file, I would not have to re-code all the urls.

Anyway, listen to the old Breezeblock sets on my previous blog post.

Ps – In the spirit of my original blog, in which I would note what I was listening to while writing a given post:

Listening to: Fever Ray – Seven (The Twelves Remix)