Tracking Music Pirates with

Tracking Music Pirates with

Could be used by the music industry lawyers to find, track, and nail music piraters?

Madonna on before the album was out

Here’s my thinking: a user downloads a pirated copy of a new, unreleased album from Bit Torrent, or any other file sharing site, puts it in their iTunes, and then starts listening. While they are listening, naturally, their plugin is reporting back the track/artist/album names to, to be posted in real time, time stamped, on their personal profile. If that album is unreleased, then how would the user be listening to it already? They must be stealing music. And those timestamps on each track are good evidence.

What’s the privacy like on Would they ever allow music industry lawyers access to their user/track database? With full access to that information, it seems it would be fairly easy to cross reference track names and listening times, then compare that information to release dates and narrow down a list of, for example, users who listened to tracks from Madonna’s new album before the release date. Then they just need to cross-reference those usernames with their real contact info/email address/other personal profile info, and bam.



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  1. is this something that i should be afraid of?

  2. I don’t think a last fm thing is enough info. You can submit whatever you want if you know what your doing and frankly because of that it’s not reliable evidence.