Online Project: Playlist

For now, the Playlist project is simply an aggrigation of RSS feeds from my audio scrobbling feed, as well as my Hype Machine loved tracks feed. Going forward, I’m hoping to build a playlist feature that will play recent tracks I’ve loved and listened to from around the web.

Additionally, my brother Jason has been working on a custom made music library management and player web app, which may soon be integrated into this page.

Finally, you’ll notice that on all pages within this site, including blog posts, that have a media file – audio or video – linked, you’ll see a little slider bar on the bottom of the page, which opens up the Yahoo Media Player widget. This little bit of javascript automatically picks up on media links, and then adds them to a live playlist that the widget is able to play. I’m not super happy about the look of the player, but it does work fairly simply. Additionally, by picking up on actual linked media files, without the need for any special tags, I should be able to switch to another media player that uses the same basic detection, in the future.

Playlist Project