Work work work

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Ok, i swear, i’m gonna start blogging more.. but lately its been super super busy… i’ve been working a lot at Giant Step doing the street team thing, and just started working at Stanton Social running food.. cool place, and i got to meet Liv Tyler tonight when she was eating there…Also, i just picked up 2 dj residencies at Triple Five Soul and Diesel, so those are fun.

Ugh, ok, i will write more soon, but i’m waking up at 8am tomorrow, doing errands till 10am, then working at GS from 11-6:30, then at Stanton Social from 7 to 3am, then coming home, packing, and leaving for Las Vegas at 7am the next morning. Crazyness. More on the Vegas trip soon….



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  1. Jeffrey

    Name: danielle
    Time: Fri Jul 1 19:54:53 2005

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    all super cool pictures–keeping me entertained as I DJ the Reputation. Wow, that car is kind of hot. Keep up on the ones and twos. Jealous that theievery Corp never comes to Colorado.


    Name: Mercedes
    Time: Tue Jul 5 19:14:30 2005



    Jeff! Wow!! Good post!! Montana sunsets could beat those NY sunsets hands down, though. Telluride sunsets could, too. I’m thinking of going up there soon!! Anyway, love the pics, especially the ones of you because I miss you! I like the comments and the pictures combined, you should do BOTH more often! Keep up the good work!!!!!!!!
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