Rhymin’ and Stealin’

>Listening to: Marzebian – Sandalwood

Tonight… Thievery Corporation with Chris and Juliette, Essex, Motor City with Kris and Ben, Kittichai, Lucky Burger with Shannon and stuff

Steps: 17753

Fresh from the card…



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  1. >Name: MercedesTime: Sun May 22 10:30:16 2005IP: http://www.opencontradiction.blogspot.comEmail: mercedesorten@gmail.comComment:Most excellent photography, Jeffrey! But who expects less with you and your cute lil digi?—–Name: chrisTime: Sun May 22 21:13:28 2005IP: HomepageNo EmailComment:hey,times with thievery can’t be better–apologize for the drama and expect to get up there soon, now that i’ve mastered the damn chinatown express.peace out—–Name: JulianaTime: Wed Jun 8 17:15:42 2005IP: work in progressEmail: psykee84@hotmail.comComment:This picture is bitchin! wishin I could have been there:) Jeff, listen in to 1190 on Tuesday nights 11pm-1am for some hot bleepin experimental electronica action!xoxoJulianaps. youre an excellent entrepeneur by the way