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Ok, while in the Brooklyn museum of art the other night with Shannon, I saw the lomo super sampler and lomo fisheye cameras in the gift shop.. super uber mega cool.. i want one of each! or just a dslr camera with a cool fisheye lens…

This weekend was quite eventfull, including triple crown, spirit, walkin round soho, and lots of sleep. Even though i dodnt really have any incredible stories or anything, i’m posting anyway.. i think i need to start posting more regularly, even if they are not “ultra super mega posts” like ive been doing lately.

The Razr for verizon is coming out in a week, and i think i’m definetly going to get it, despite the v3i will be out is the gsm flavor soon… its frusturating that verizon is a good 9 months behind cingular in terms of releasing new cool phones. They chalk it up to “reliability testing”. Puh.

Last thing, saturday night i was walking home from the L train in the west village at around 3:30 am sunday morning, and i got to see the first snowfall of the year in nyc start! it was amazing! Now i just have to get up to the mountains!

Ok and for the link… check out the new amazon maps.. they have incedible pictures of all the streets in selected citites.. creepy… Amazon Block Maps

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  1. >Dude I speak from painfully personal experience when I tell you that the Razr is an overrated piece of feces. My Razr has been nothing but trouble and it really isn’t that cool anyways its just thin, more fragile that it should be, but does nothing more than any other motorola phone I’ve owned, look into the LG V if you want a good phone.