Cold Air

Listening to: Trans-Siberian Orchestra – Wizards in Winter

Ahh, I really love this cold weather we’re having… good to bundle up and walk around in and check out cracked frozen puddles and snow banks and snow on roofs etc.. its fantastic. And I finally broke down and bought a scarf for this season. So the winter wear for NYC is a lot different than Boulder… no more Mountain Hardwear fleece jackets and montrail gore tex shoes.. now its wool “topcoats” and wool “trousers”.. although i’ve been secredly wearing my north face long underwear under my “trousers” and waffle weave long sleeve under my dress shirts….

Ok, time for sleep.. broker convention tomorrow morning at 8:15 am… early.

And yes, i’m still considering that Razr, which is hitting shelves on monday. Along the same lines, my “holiday gift guide” will be online soon.. stay tuned.