Big photo wrapup post

Ok, so as you might have guessed, I’ve been busy lately. Very busy. NYC is indeed a crazy town, always on the lookout to swallow you up and return you to the ‘burbs. (which, I’ve gotta say, do have their merits and sound pretty good for this upcoming 4th of July weekend… hola long island!) Zee job situation has changed a bit, music has changed, people have evolved, and my iTunes just faded from James Brown to Daft Punk….The irony.

So I’ve been taking a ton of pictures lately with my excelente Canon SD-300 (Although I’m going to upgrade soon to the SD-500, and get the scuba case for it for our trip to the BVI in a month)….What follows are some good representative photos from the last couple weeks, with my questionably appropriate comments… Enjoy, and please, please, PLEASE, comment on them, will ya?

Ok… got a job at Triple Five Soul as resident DJ… its fun and exciting dj’ing in stores, because i’m pretty free to play whatever, and get to talk to a ton of people…. being in SOHO is fun too….

My mother and I went to see a cool work by Daniel Buren at the Guggenheim called Eye of the Storm, featuring a huge mirror that did interesting things with the building.

Cool.. Beautiful sunset on the lower east side.. Considerably different silhouette material than I’m used to in Colorado, but I guess it has its own character… The watertower is cool.

Chris, Juliette and I went to a questionably thievery corporation show at Spirit the other day.. Interesting show, althought we got their a little late, and I felt that their performance seemed a little canned.. prerehersed, just going through the motions….

However, they did pull all the girls up on stage at the end, which was moderately entertaining, especially when a few of them pulled out their digital cameras to take pictures of the crowd. Definitely

So… long story, but what it boils down to is, my father and I were walking around on Elizabeth street, and got sucked into this store to look at this car. Its a 1985 white Lotus Esprit, with a custom plush white leather interior. And… it was for sale. So my father and I looked at it, and decided to seriously consider buying it. It was going for $35,000.00, which sounded like a pretty good price for such a cool car… we’re still considering our options, so check back for the outcome….

Ah, Jenna’s glad we’re here! Or so says her coaster. Jenna, Jeff, Amber, me and a couple other people went out to Galapagos in Brooklyn the other day for a fun and exciting little party.. with a cool dj, and great rock band…

This is me, and Latke, my 5th cousin Perri’s birdie. Latke is cool, and likes taking little showers in the sink. Perri is cool too, although its my guess that she takes showers in the shower. Perri and i went out to the beach that day, walked around long island, then came back and had a bbq with her parents.. relaxing!

Ah, Jessie K and I went to see Dick Dale, the king of surf guitar at bb kings.. its was excelente, just ask Jessie K!

And finally… Twitch Studder playing at Pianos on the lower east side.. they used to call themselves stupid, but changed their name.. this pic is of the lead singer, Dana Ehrlich, screaming into a megaphone… intense!

Yes, that’s pretty much it for this installment of pictures…. did you like it? Should I continue to post pictures, or just type stuff up? Talk to you soon!

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  1. >Name: danielleTime: Fri Jul 1 19:54:53 2005IP: http://www.testosteronedetox.blogspot.comNo EmailComment:all super cool pictures–keeping me entertained as I DJ the Reputation. Wow, that car is kind of hot. Keep up on the ones and twos. Jealous that theievery Corp never comes to Colorado.—–Name: MercedesTime: Tue Jul 5 19:14:30 2005IP: http://www.opencontradiction.blogspot.comEmail: mercedesorten@gmail.comComment:Jeff! Wow!! Good post!! Montana sunsets could beat those NY sunsets hands down, though. Telluride sunsets could, too. I’m thinking of going up there soon!! Anyway, love the pics, especially the ones of you because I miss you! I like the comments and the pictures combined, you should do BOTH more often! Keep up the good work!!!!!!!!Add a comment…