In this post: —Daily Itinerary

>In this post:

—Daily Itinerary

—Social scene in Biopsych class (who’s who)

—The Acid Lounge Setlist

Ok, so today was a grueling day… First of all, i stayed up super late last night, and didnt get to bed till 4 am or so. I guess i was so tired at that point that i didnt slide the switch on my alarm clock to turn it on, cause it didnt go off in the morning. So of course, i woke up right as my 9am math class was ending. I thinkn we can only miss 2 classes before it affects our grade, and i was planning on using those 2 days for skiing and stuff. Damn. Anyway, after i got my ass to campus, I studied for my Geology 1020 exam, and took the exam. It sucked, pretty much. Then I chilled with Erik C. for a while, and went to biopsych class.

Although the actually class bores me to sleep very quickly, going to biopsycholoy class is always interesting…its developed into sort of a “social scene” Ok, so here’s the deal with some of the people in my biopsych class. The first day of class, i sat next to this girl named Deseree. She’s awsome…super nice, funny, really great body, falls asleep as much as me in class, we laughed at eachothers jokes and everything. So she came to class and sat next to me for a while, and we actually met outside of class to study for exams once or twice. I guess then she found a boyfriend or something….she stopped coming to class, and i havent seen her in a good month or so. Strange, but I’m letting it big deal. Next, theres Dave. Dave and I have been friends since freshman year, and we get along really well. At the begining of class, we didnt sit near eachother, but then he started sitting in the same row. So we always sit in class and either sleep, or crack jokes about Serge (the professor), or we pass notes to unsuspecting girls or just be stupid. Next, there is the girl who sits next to me all the time. She is the coolest, yet i do not know her name. I know she told me once or twice, but i cant remember. Anyway, she has a boyfriend (chad), but she is still super cool…she’s nice to me, and she’s got a great personality, a little mysterious sometiems, and she’s super smart, but not a nerd or anything…also, she’s really pretty and has a great body. At the begining of the year, I kind of wrote her off, and acted really stupid aroudn her. But now i’ve gotten to know her, and i think she’s awsome, so i try to be as nice as i can to her. Since she has a boyfriend and whatnot, i sometimes talk to her about my relationship problems and whatnot…its interesting talking to her. I really really really wish i knew her name….she even drove me home one day after class!

Finally, there’s Molly (no, NOT my roomate, Molly T.) Molly is awsome…we met one night at Buchannans coffee shop, and just happened to be in 2 classes together. She’s awsome…she’s a former member of the triathalon team (again, NOT my roomate molly, who is currently a tri-team member), she’s super nice, we get along well, she’s really pretty, and wears chill clothes. She seems like a girl i could actually spend real time with and not just bullshit “this girl is stupid but really hot and i want to chill with her just to hit on her and be stupid.” Yeah, she’s cool, but its kind of hard for me to approach her and stufff…cause pretty much the basis of our “relationship” is that we’re in 2 classes together…thats pretty much it. But i guess if it was meant to be, things will work themselves out naturally and I have nothing to worry about. She’s really cool, though.

Ok, so thats pretty much it. After classes today, i came home, studied biopsych for a while, and then went and did my radio show, THE ACID LOUNGE on Radio1190. I love working for Radio1190. More on that later after I dj at Juanita’s and meet Thievery Corporation on Tuesday, the 19th…..

******THE ACID LOUGE 11/13/2002 SETLIST*********

Tonight I did my weekly radio show, called The Acid Lounge, on Radio1190, KVCU, Boulder. You can tune into Radio1190 in the greater Denver, CO area at 1190 on the AM radio dial, or worldwide at My show went really well tonight, and i got a lot of calls and IM’s from listners.

If you listned to my show, thanks for listening!!!! If you want to find out more information about any of these artists, the best website ever for researching music is

Setlist for The Acid Lounge on 11/13/02 in the order they were played

Artist – Song

Nightmares on Wax – Thinking of Omara

Jimmy Smith and Wes Montgomery – OGD (Road Song)

Nicola Conte – Bossa Per Due

Tosca – Busenfreund (walkner moestl dub)

Royksopp – So Easy and Eple

Jazzanova – Fredmies Flight

Walter Wanderly – Batucada

Baldwin Brothers – Funky Junkyard

The Troublemakers – Street Preacher

Thievery Corporation – Air Butucada

Thunderball – Vai Vai

Org Lounge – Jazz Trippin’

Morcheeba – Blindfold

Bent – Swollen

Gorallaz – New Genius

Ivy – Undertow

Thievery Corporation – Lebanese Blond

Charles Webster – Ready

Barry White – Playing Your Game, Baby (Groove Armada Remix)

Al Green – Light My Fire (Doors, Groove Armada Remix)

Handsome Boy Modeling School – The Truth

Kelis – Suspended

Pariss Clemons – Black Mary

Hope you liked the show!