Kind of like after you’ve worked at a coffee shop

Kind of like after you’ve worked at a coffee shop for a while and you have the timing down (you know, pulling the shot, steaming the milk, gettins shit set up)…I like when I can come in the door at the end of the day and sweep through the house putting my keys where i always put them and picking up my mail from the table and whatnot…then i like sitting down at my desk, emptying my pockets, and arranging everything on my desk in order…also, its cool when im getting ready to go out and i take all my pocket stuff and arrange it on my desk, then when im dressed, i stand in front of my desk and systematically pick my stuff off my desk and put it in the right pockets….i also feel cool when im sitting in class, and i notice my pencil rolling off my desk a moment too late, and miraculously make a last second, mid air catch, then calmly return to being still and getting my learn on….i feel like someone out of the matrix…hehe,

oh yeah, pretty much the best part of my day is when i step outside in the morning and its bright outside, and i get to put my sunglasses on…..then the whole world opens up. My shades are great. They make everything look so much better, protect my eyes from the sun, help me see better, cut glare, increase contrast and color, and they protect my eyes from wind and flying debris or whatever…their awsome. I dont have a case for them because their either sitting on my desk when im sleeping, or either on my face or around my neck when im awake.

must go to sleep….