Author: Jeffrey Donenfeld

Mentoring German Marshall Fund YTLI Fellows

This week, I was proud to spend a bit of time working with a group of international entrepreneurs participating in the German Marshall Fund of the United States Young Transatlantic Innovation Leaders Initiative Fellowship, supported by the U.S. Department of State. We discussed: The quick expansion of the Denver/Boulder area entrepreneurship landscape and opportunities for …

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Leading the Montreal StartupFest 2019 “Startup Accelerator Communities” Roundtable Discussion

At Montreal StartupFest 2019, I led a roundtable discussion on Building Startup Accelerator Communities, accompanied by industry colleague Tariq Haddadin of Techstars. Thanks to the StartupFest team for putting on a solid event! Discussion Notes: Montreal StartupFest 2019 – Building Startup Accelerator Communities Roundtable Discussion Led by Jeffrey Donenfeld of Boomtown Accelerators and Tariq Haddadin …

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Guiding discussion on Startup Network Building at Montreal StartupFest

This year at Montreal StartupFest, I hosted a discussion with startup accelerator and venture investment leaders on startup network building, alumni services, and dealflow community. Thanks to Montreal StartupFest for a solid event. Startupfest is the leading startup event in Canada. Founded in 2011, it has become the annual gathering at which entrepreneurs, investors, makers, …

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Speaker Jeffrey Donenfeld delivering the keynote speech on Startup Investing in the USA at the 2019 GoViral Conference in Almaty, Kazakhstan

Keynote – “Startup Investing in the United States” at Kazakhstan’s GoViral Conference

During the June 2019 GoViral Conference in Almaty, Kazakhstan, I gave the keynote speech on Startup Investing in the United States. Featured on: Instagram –, Facebook –, Facebook – US Embassy Kazakhstan Go Viral is an international festival sponsored by the U.S. Mission to Kazakhstan that brings together innovators in media, culture, business, …

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Forbes KZ – Making the connection between US and KZ investors

I had a wonderful time speaking with journalist Ulyana Salapaeva writing for Forbes Kazakhstan about making the connecting between US and KZ investors. In summary, I feel that there are a ton of options for Kazakh startups to approach US investors. It’s important to understand the mindset of the US investor, fully realize the type …

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