Discussing life in Antarctica on REN TV Russia’s “The Riddles of Humanity”

This week, I appeared on REN TV Russia’s adventure show “The Riddles of Humanity”, Episode 255 to discuss life at the South Pole, Antarctica. Skip to minute 12 of the clip for my segment. My part of the segment covers (Google Translated from Russian: “Why is Antarctica called white Mars? How do people survive in super low temperatures? And how much is a ten-day tour to the South Pole?”






Edition 255 – 02/14/2019

The host of the program, Oleg Shishkin, is a traveler, historian, expert in secret societies, an internationally recognized expert in the field of Eastern religions, author of books on the history of occultism and intelligence. Connoisseur of the closed esoteric archives of the USSR, who proved that Nicholas Roerich and Grigory Rasputin had close ties with intelligence.

In “The Riddles of Humanity” on REN TV, Oleg Shishkin will find an explanation for all the shocking events. And confirm his version of the facts and documents. The program goes on REN TV 5 times a week, on weekdays. Spectators are waiting for travel to places that are not on the map, the mysteries of dangerous relics and ancient prophecies. Inexplicable facts and historical sensations of different eras will be studied – and they will find a convincing explanation.