Video: Photography Rube Goldberg Machine!

At long last, Canadian site 2D Photography has released the full video of there very sophisticated photography themed Rube Goldbergy style machine. It’s taken them a long time to put it together, and they’ve been considerate enough to post a bunch of thorough explanations of how it was built, and many behing the scenes videos.

So we’ve been working on a project for the last while. To me personally, this is a BIG project. Probably the largest thus far of my photography career, and it’s not even a photo-shoot. Along with the usual workload at 2D Photography Inc., we’ve been secretly (somewhat) working on this Rube Goldberg Machine for nearly six months give or take. Some of you may have guessed what we were up to from our teasers (Teaser, Teaser 2 for ?????, Third Teaser ie Teaser #3) but hopefully it was still a surprise.