The Putting Lot Putt Putt Golf Course Opens in Bushwick

This past weekend I got to check out The Putting Lot, a new put put golf course in Bushwick, Brooklyn. The Putting Lot is a temporary installation on Wyckoff Ave in  Bushwick, Brooklyn, only there for this summer. It’s constructed on a previously vacant lot, and aims to emphasize the usage of community spaces and neighborhood sustainability.

Opening day at the putting lot was great! When Emily and I got there at around 5pm, the place was busy with a mix of hipsters and families with kids. A round of golf is $5, and they also sell some drinks and snacks. Since each hole is designed by a different designer, they are each vastly different – there’s a hole, called G.L.O.R.Y. Hole, designed by PLOT, with a choice of tubes to hit your ball down – only one gives you a hole in one. There’s also a Rube Goldberg machine style hole, called Panchinko Putt-Putt and designed by Meat Pallet, build out cabinets, parts of old electronics, and mirrors. By far the coolest hole, however, is the “Last Gasp” hole designed by Zabor/Tsien-Shiang, which features a whole corner of a house, complete with working gutters (which you hit your ball into).

Organizers Gabriel Fries-Briggs and Rachel Himmelfarb, along with a bunch of the other designers and organizers were all on hand for the day, hanging out and intermittently repairing holes, such as the temperamental kiddie pool central to the “Are You Wet Yet?” hole.

Video and photos below, all taken with the Canon SD-880is digital camera.

The staff at the Putting Lot

The staff at the Putting Lot – From top to bottom, left to right
Mariel Villere, Lydia Ross, Natasha Aswani, Rachel Himmelfarb, Giti Dadlani, Gabriel Fries-Briggs, Austin Mitchell, Sydney Talcott
The Putting Lot - Filled with people
The Putting Lot – Filled with people
The water hole...
The water hole…

Lining up a shot at the second to last hole
Lining up a shot at the second to last hole