The New York City Highline Opens

The New York City Highline Opens

At long last, the first section of the New York City Highline opened this week. I’ve been working as the photographer for the Friends of the Highline for over a year now, and have been up on the Highline taking during the entire construction.

Seeing the line finally open and fill with people was a pretty amazing sight today – the afternoon was perfect and sunny, and people seemed to really be enjoying walking up and down, sitting in the sundeck areas, and checking out all of the amazing foliage.

Over the last year, I’ve taken photos of the construction, the people, and the plants on the Highline. It’s amazing how much it has changed throughout the year, and how much this finally opened section contrasts to the bare concrete of a year ago.

Working with Friends of the Highline has been a great experience. Whenever there were tours going up to check out the construction, parties and benefit events, and town hall meetings, they always made sure I got access to take photos. They’ve also, obviously, done an great job in taking on this extraordinary project, and making the Highline a reality.

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