Photography Field Guide: 10 Essential Shots for Covering a Weather Disaster

What good is a freakishly large hurricane bearing down on NYC if you can’t photograph it? Now, thanks to Scientific American’s Compound Eye Science Photography blog, we have a concise guide to the key shots for covering the hurricane, or any disaster.

It’s certainly an interesting explanation of each shot, and goes the illustrate the importance of getting a variety of photos in order the tell a unified story. I’m often thinking about this when taking photos on my own adventures, so it’s nice to see Compound Eye lay it all out.

The 10 Key Shots for covering a disaster:

  1. The Satellite Overview
  2. The Rising Tide
  3. The Concerned Politician
  4. The Oddly Empty
  5. The Intrepid Journalist
  6. The Sandbag
  7. The Obligatory Wind Shot
  8. The “Are you insane?”
  9. The #instacane
  10. The Wreckage

A Field Guide to Hurricane Photography | Compound Eye, Scientific American Blog Network.