Speaking at Boulder Startup Week 2016 – Future of Tech: The World in 2026

Speaking at Boulder Startup Week 2016 – Future of Tech: The World in 2026

bsw-web-startup-weekThis year as part of Boulder Startup Week, I spoke on Technology Driving Digital Photography at the “Future of Tech: The World in 2026“. The packed session was hosted at startup co-working space Galvanize, and it was a fun opportunity to connect with an engaged audience on future technologies in an environment fostering the creation of new tech.

Special thanks to Jo Richards of Possibilite Solutions for the infographic.


The Future of Tech Infographic by Jo Richards

What will the world look like in 2026? How will cryptocurrencies disrupt finance? How is photographic technology changing the way in which the world processes information? How will machine learning and data science revolutionize the way in which trends are discovered and analyzed?

Join our speakers to hear about the trends that are bleeding edge today, but have the potential to turn entire industries upside down by 2026.

* Piper Merriam (Engineer, QuickLeft): The Blockchain Revolution
* Jeffrey Donenfeld (EIR, Boomtown) : Sensors and Photons: The Technologies That Enable Your Creative Vision
* Dean Wyatte (Sr Data Scientist, LogRhythm): using Machine Learning to identify network behavior and detect suspicious activity
* Zooko Wilcox (Founder, ZCash): Bitcoin is HTTP for money. Zcash is HTTPS