Jeffrey Donenfeld moderating boulder startup week photography panel

Moderating Boulder Startup Week 2017’s Future Tech Photography 2.0 Panel

Today I was honored to work with a great group of industry experts in moderating the Boulder Startup Week 2017 “Future Tech Photography 2.0” Panel at Riverside in Boulder, Colorado. We discussed a number of topics related to future media and photography. Thanks to photo experts Marc Morris, Ian Glass, Matt Treece and Kevin Owocki for being fun, articulate, expert, and brilliantly creative panelists.


The first few minutes of our chat:


A few of our talking points:

Marc Morris – Tamron

  • Optics are the dark magic – Discussing Glass Tech
  • How to create quality mid-range glass?
  • Bridging gap from 360 and vr as novelty into true art?
  • Rectilinear is where its at still with photographic
  • Photography enhanced by extra sensors?
  • Lenses are the weak link in digital imaging

Matt Treece

  • Long exposure light photography
  • UC for college – academic photography experience
  • Digital painting with 3D rendering on top of photography
  • Use of samsung galaxy camera – use google cardboard 360

Ian Glass

  • Just got back from expedition in Antarctica
  • Getting to remote location and taking advantage of what’s there
  • The importance of packing
  • Can’t carry everything
  • Explore all the anglesAge of social media
  • Representation of reality, or representation of vision
  • Presenting what’s real in a beautiful way – VR
  • Empathy in film making brought by VR. Really puts you there