Turkey Day Ten – Istanbul to Tel Aviv

Today was another big air travel day. We woke up early at Kirk’s house, and met up with friend Wills for a quick breakfast at home. Our one last stop before departure was the large Istanbul Bazaar, where we bought some interesting little trinkets – my only souvenir purchases of the trip!

One more last foam cup of Sahlep with cinnamon from a street cart, and we were back to Kirk’s house. We all got tasty, white castle-like Wetburgers in Taxim, and then Steph and I said goodbye to Kirk, and got the Havash to the airport, to fly to Israel.

Once in Tel Aviv, Steph and I got the bus back home to Her apartment in Jerusalem, where her roommate fed us a good home cooked meal. Finally for the day, we went out to a local bar to meet up with some friends and listen to our friend DJ.


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