• Cyprus: Divided

    Cyprus: Divided

    In June of this year (2017), I explored Cyprus – both the southern Cypriot side, as well as the northern Turkish-controlled side. A few videoclips and photos from my discovery of the border areas, mountains, and other interesting quirks.

  • Turkey Weekend, 2011

    A few shots from the weekend at home with the family… Full set on Flickr

  • Turkey Day Ten – Istanbul to Tel Aviv

    Turkey Day Ten – Istanbul to Tel Aviv

    Today was another big air travel day. We woke up early at Kirk’s house, and met up with friend Wills for a quick breakfast at home. Our one last stop before departure was the large Istanbul Bazaar, where we bought some interesting little trinkets – my only souvenir purchases of the trip! One more last…

  • Turkey Day Nine – ‘Antep

    Turkey Day Nine – ‘Antep

    Today was our much needed rest and travel day. We slept late in our posh hotel room in Gaziantep, and then spent the better part of the morning in the topfloor breakfast salon, enjoy ing the view of a powerful blizzard hitting the town. We were amazed to see sych a blizzard in southern Turkey,…

  • Blizzard In Istanbul

    Blizzard In Istanbul Originally uploaded by jamfan2 Landed safely back in Istanbul – to a huge blizzard!

  • Baklava At Cagdas In Gaziantep, Turkey

    Baklava At Cagdas In Gaziantep, Turkey Originally uploaded by jamfan2

  • Turkey Day Eight – Beehive Houses

    Turkey Day Eight – Beehive Houses

    This morning we woke up in the sketchiest hotel yet, Otel Dogu, in Sanliurfa. We got out of there quickly, had a quick breakfast, and hit the road towards Harran. In Harran, we were struck by how many civilizations had lived there, and how many layers of building were waiting to be uncovered. We also…

  • Beehive houses in Harran

    Beehive houses in Harran

    Image_27.jpg Originally uploaded by jamfan2 Beehive houses in Harranhttps://www.jeffreydonenfeld.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=555&action=edit#

  • Turkey Day Seven – Canyonlands

    Turkey Day Seven – Canyonlands

    Thus morning we woke up early in Biercheck, and made the beautiful drive through the canyonlands on our way to Halfeti. During the drive, we passed through fields full of dormant olive trees, and made a couple of stops to take in the surroundings. Much like the American southwest, there were huge canyons, with lakes…

  • Turkey Day Six – Syrian Border

    Turkey Day Six – Syrian Border

    Waking up in Kilis this morning, we knew today was going to be a busy one. We started off checking out of the Hotel Paris, throwing our gear in the car, and heading out on a walk around town. Kilis isn’t big, so we covered the town in just an hour or two. Kirk and…