Turkey Day Nine – ‘Antep

Turkey Day Nine – ‘Antep

Today was our much needed rest and travel day. We slept late in our posh hotel room in Gaziantep, and then spent the better part of the morning in the topfloor breakfast salon, enjoy

ing the view of a powerful blizzard hitting the town. We were amazed to see sych a blizzard in southern Turkey, just a few kilometers away frim Syria, but from our warm hotel salon, it was a beautiful sight.

After our extended breakfast session, we went downstairs to Gu

luoglu to grab some “mass consumption” Baklava, and the met up with a couple friends who live in tow

n for another huge lunch. We also got a chance to stop by a Kadiefe bakery where they taught us how to make the stringy dough. Lunch was great as usual, and afterwards Kirk went off to return the car while Steph and I had tea.

Before going off to the airport, we made one more Baklava tasting stop at Cagdas, where we made extensive literary comparisons between Guluoglu Baklava and Cagdas Baklava. Cagdas def won.

Then we were off to the airport to catch our flight back to Istanbul, our home base and where Kirk lives. When we landed in Istanbul, they too were having a giant blizzard – we were amazed the plane was actually able to land in such whiteout conditions. But the snow was great, and reminded me of Colorado.