iPhone Followup: Qik

iPhone Followup: Qik

The possibilities for the more open, developer-friendly iPhone 2.0 software just keep getting better, especially on the speedier iPhone 3G. TechCrunch reports that Qik just announced that they are coming out with an iPhone application, to allow users to stream live video direct from their iPhone. Pretty cool feature, and that will also mean that the iPhone will now be able to capture and record video, since Qik records your video streams.

They’re not the only ones doing live streaming, and I hope sites like Ustream.tv and Mogulus.com get on the bandwagon for over-the-air streaming too. Especially considering Mogulus’ capabilities for real-time mixing of multiple video sources, it could make an intensely robust control studio for remixing and re-broadcasting multiple live remote video streams. Live-mixing/streaming the next Tumblr Rock Band jam from multiple roaming cell-connected audio/video sources? Sure.

**Update – Max Haot, of Mogulus, just informed me via comments that Mogulus is actually already integrated with Qik, so users can do live mixes of multiple remote video streams – awesome!

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2 responses to “iPhone Followup: Qik”

  1. Jeffrey – Mogulus is already integrated with Qik – so you can use Qik from your iPhone of Nokia phone to stream as a camera (switchable) input in Mogulus today !

  2. I just checked my blogger blog and i was just starting at ManiaTV the last time i posted- May 2005ish (think i might start posting again). The streaming tech sure is coming along! Have you done any podcasting lately? would be cool to an acid lounge one- i miss the airwaves!