Training for the South Pole Marathon

Running here at the south pole is hard. And training to run a marathon on the ice is even harder. Here’s a quick clip I shot while training out on the ski loop…

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3 responses to “Training for the South Pole Marathon”

  1. Andrew Lewis

    I will never complain about running outside in winter again…

  2. […] After about a month and a half of training, I finally got my chance to run the 26.2 mile South Pole Marathon. Although the main group of runners ran it on new years day, and on a non-traditional course, I unfortunatly was on the kitchen work schedule that day, and so had to wait a few days to run. I ran on Sunday, January 6, 2013, and ran the traditional 5 laps on the south pole skiway. For some background, see a quick video of my training. […]

  3. Roger Donenfeld

    Wow! -15 Fahrenheit, on ICE, with face Goggles, all those clothes…. Amazing time! Congratulations!