My Room at the South Pole

Life here at the south pole is actually relatively comfortable – and we each get our own rooms to sleep in.

My room has a window, however I have cardboard taped over it to block out the light – so when I go to sleep at night, my room is completely dark.In our rooms, we have a small closet, dresser, chair, desk, and bed. At my desk there is power, ethernet, and a Cisco phone – I can use the phone to make outgoing calls when we’re connected to the internet, and also to make on-station calls at all times. There’s also a clothes line running the length of my room. Here’s a pic:

My Room at the Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station


  1. Nikki says:

    Incredible! It’s like living on another planet! I’ve dreamed about Antarctica my entire life,but,though I could not go there when I grew up,I’m so very happy for all of you who did! Work hard,learn all you need to,& then some,& be so very happy! Please,breathe in some fresh air,& take in some quiet moments for me,too! And,please,PLEASE…BE SAFE,& take care of each other. Cherish this special time together. Take nothing,& no one,for granted-ever! Thanks so much for the beautiful pictures,Jeffrey! I appreciate your answers more than I can ever say! Gee…I wish you guys had a picture postcard series,at least once,in our lifetime. I’d keep them-forever! Leaving them to be shared within my family,always. Who knows,maybe someday,someone in my family might be blessed enough,as you & your colleagues,Jeffrey,& make that wonderful trek to Antarctica,at last! That’s usually where a family of “tech-heads” end up,anyway,lol! And,yes,that’s us…techies & Trekkies,from Daddy on down! BTW,you described the food so well,my mouth started to water,so you tell them I said,”THEY BETTER R-E-S-P-E-C-T THE CHEF!!!” Hugs,to you,& all,Jeff! TTYL! (ta ta ya later!) Nikki M. Postscript: Get a webcam/Facebook page! ;)

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