The B1 Lounge – Billiards and Foosball at the South Pole

We work hard here at the south pole – very hard, and in very harsh conditions. And to unwind after a long day, we appropriately have a wide range of activities and social centers. One of the main places to hang out at the station is in the B1 lounge, which also doubles as the community space for the B1 lifepod (more on that later). In the lounge, we have a pool table, fooseball table, darts, a sitting area, and an entire screening/gaming room, with an incredible selection of games, movies, and tv shows. A few pics..

The main lounge:

2013-02-05 B1 Lounge

The screening room – a bit smaller than the B3 screening room, but with a direct view tv for gaming, rather than the projector in B3.

2013-02-05 B1 Lounge

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