• Exploring North Korea and Running the Pyongyang Marathon

    Exploring North Korea and Running the Pyongyang Marathon

    The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK), aka “The Hermit Kingdom”, has always seemed like a mysterious land. The timing on my lap through Asia worked out perfectly, and I decided to check it out for myself – and to run the 2015 Pyongyang Marathon in the process. In short: exploring North Korea was an…

  • Running the Tokyo Marathon

    Running the Tokyo Marathon

    My first stop in Japan was Tokyo, to run the 2015 Tokyo Marathon. Miho and I had originally entered the marathon registration lottery months before, however unfortunately, only I won an entry. I still had a good run without her – although not nearly as much fun or motivation to kick ass! Running through the…

  • Racing at McMurdo Station

    Racing at McMurdo Station

    Antarctica is filled with interesting, fit, adventurous, competitive people – and as a result, there are a bunch of races every year. Last time I was at the South Pole, I ran one big race – the South Pole Marathon. This year, while I was at McMurdo Station waiting for my flight out to WAIS…

  • Running the South Pole Marathon

    Running the South Pole Marathon

    After about a month and a half of training, I finally got my chance to run the 26.2 mile South Pole Marathon. Although the main group of runners ran it on new years day, and on a non-traditional course, I unfortunatly was on the kitchen work schedule that day, and so had to wait a…

  • Training for the South Pole Marathon

    Running here at the south pole is hard. And training to run a marathon on the ice is even harder. Here’s a quick clip I shot while training out on the ski loop…

  • The 2012 Antarctic South Pole Marathon Course Map

    The 2012 Antarctic South Pole Marathon Course Map

    Although we may be changing it sightly, here’s the current course map for the 2012 South Pole Marathon at the Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station, Antarctica.

  • Photos From NYRR Brooklyn Half Marathon

    Photos From NYRR Brooklyn Half Marathon

    A week or two ago I ran the 2012 Brooklyn Half Marathon.. Finally, a few pics from Brightroom.

  • Running the 2012 Brooklyn Half Marathon

    Running the 2012 Brooklyn Half Marathon

    On Saturday I went with my team from Fueled to run the NYRR Brooklyn Half Marathon. This was my 2nd time officially running the race. Last time I ran it, we started on the boardwalk at Coney Island and ran to Prospect Park. This time it was reversed, and at the finish we got a…

  • The 2011 NYC Marathon Goes Social With Badges

    The 2011 NYC Marathon Goes Social With Badges

    This year the NYC Marathon went social.  In partnership with site, they’re offering up digital marathon finisher badges, which confirm a person’s race finish, and provide an easy, social way to tell friends about the race. Badges seem to be the hot social currency lately, with many prominent sites beginning to offer users them as…

  • Official Marathon Photo

    Official Marathon Photo

    Finally, I’m wrapping up my torrent of posts about the marathon. Brightroom photography does the photos of the race, and although they didn’t very many good ones of me, they did get one half decent one.

  • GPS Tracking the 2011 NYC Marathon

    While running the 2011 ING NYC Marathon, I wore my Garmin Forerunner 310XT GPS training watch. In addition to constantly giving me my pace, distance and HR, it also keeps a complete track of my progress, and allows me to keep track online. Here’s my GPS track and statistics from this year’s marathon…

  • Videoblog: On the Finish Line of the 2011 NYC Marathon

    A few thoughts moments after finishing the NYC Marathon in 03:53. I ran with my Apple iPhone 4 in a n armband, although I didn’t use it to listen to music or track anything.

  • Just finished running the 2011 NYC Marathon in 03:53:28!! That was great!

    See this image in my Flickr Photostream.

  • Marathon Prep: The Gear

    Marathon Prep: The Gear

    I’m going to be running the NYC Marathon tomorrow, and in preparation, here’s a brief rundown of the gear that I’ll be using. Although running is a relatively gear-sparse sport, there’s still a good amount of thought that goes into each thing I carry with me – which I’ll need to lug for every step…

  • Coursemap for the 2011 NYC Marathon

    Coursemap for the 2011 NYC Marathon

    Here’s the plan.. run!  

  • iStopOver Says I’m a Certified Marathon Host!

    iStopOver Says I’m a Certified Marathon Host!

    Lately, as I’ve written about many times before, I’ve been using emerging vacation rental site AirBnB – both as a Host and as a Guest. I’ve used them all over the United States, and have hosted people from all over the world. AirBnB has risen to capture a huge section of the industry very quickly,…

  • Accidental Half Marathon? Hello 4-Mile Canyon.

    After training for about a month at 9,000 feet in Telluride, Colorado, running in Boulder at about 5,000 feet felt great. I initially intended to go out for a quick 5K jog, but got caught up in the good vibes of Boulder Canyon and 4-Mile Canyon and ended up hacking out a half marathon. Kick…

  • NYC Half Marathon Photos Posted

    NYC Half Marathon Photos Posted

    Photos I took for Brightroom Photography at the NYRR NYC Half Marathon last weekend are online, and available for purchase. The shoot was my first gig with Brightroom, and a great time. Got up at 5am to make it there and have all the gear set up and in position to start shooting runners by…

  • Bronx Half Marathon 2007

    Bronx Half Marathon 2007

    Sunday morning, 6am: Wake up, after 4 hours of sleep 6:15: Get in cab, cab over to east village. Outside temperature 10 degrees F. Theo tried to stop for starbucks, but they were still closed. 6:30: Get in cab with Jesse and Theo, take $50 cab ride up to the middle of the Bronx. Finished…