NYC Half Marathon Photos Posted

NYC Half Marathon Photos Posted

NYRR-Brightroom-47217-406-036fPhotos I took for Brightroom Photography at the NYRR NYC Half Marathon last weekend are online, and available for purchase. The shoot was my first gig with Brightroom, and a great time. Got up at 5am to make it there and have all the gear set up and in position to start shooting runners by 8am at the finish line in the financial district. I was stationed about 20 feet past the finish line, on the ground, taking action shots of runners coming through the finish line. In 3 hours I shot about 2500 pictures on my Canon EOS-5DmkII that’s a lot of photos, and a lot of looking through the viewfinder.



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  1. Jeff, How awesome that you’re photographing for Brightroom! That sweet! What a cool gig.

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    Shouldn’t this just be half a post?

  3. A minute later and we would get yelled at. ,