Month: April 2011

  • Online Project: Universal Feed

    Online Project: Universal Feed

    As part of my new website orginization, and using wordpress to manage all of the content, I’ve begun to post up a couple of project pages. Nowadays the internet is pervasive, and accessible almost everywhere I routinely go. Throughout my day, as I’m walking around taking picture, sending Tweets, reading news on Google Reader, and…

  • – New Structure – New Structure

    In the past few weeks, I’ve completely overhauled the structure of my site. Before the change, the homepage of this domain was coded by hand in HTML, with a little bit of CSS and PHP thrown in there. The blog was managed by WordPress, but the rest of the site was all done by hand.…

  • Departing Morpheus Media for the Next Adventure

    Departing Morpheus Media for the Next Adventure

    This week was my last week at Morpheus Media. I worked there for a little over 4 years, and in that time had a great experience helping to build the company from a small startup to an industry leader. I loved working with Morpheus, and consider everyone there a close friend, and I’m looking forward…

  • Israel’s First Slasher Film: Rabies

    Israel’s First Slasher Film: Rabies

    Tonight, round two at the 2011 Tribeca Film Festival was a screening of Israel’s first slasher horror film, strangely titled “Rabies“, or “Kalevet” in hebrew. It’s directed Aharon Keshales and Navot Papushado, and features actors Lior Ashkenazi, Danny Geva, Ania Bukstein, Menashe Noy, Ran Danker, Henry David, Ofer Shechter, Liat Harlev and Yael Grobglas. Synopsis…

  • Sweater Trike?

    Strangely, I found this sweatered tricycle on Lafayette street the other day. Adding to the strange collection of sweater trees, cars, and bikes.

  • The Twelves: Essential Mix

    The Twelves: Essential Mix

    Pete Tong’s Essential Mix is always great, and was a major inspiration for my old radio show on Radio1190, The Acid Lounge.  Lately I’ve been loving remixes by Brazilan duo The Twelves, and just found a recording of The Twelves Essential Mix. Listen: The Twelves – Essential Mix Interestingly, a few years ago while working…

  • Infographic: How Are Mac & PC People Different?

    Infographic: How Are Mac & PC People Different?

    Another great infographic, this time courtesy of friends over at Hunch. Source: Hunch Blog Found via: Mashable Listening To: Metronomy – Everything Goes My Way

  • Tribeca Film Festival: Open 24 Hours

    Last night, thanks to friend Becca Matt and Time Out New York, I attended the Tribeca Film Festival shorts showcase “Open 24 Hours“. Overal the films were great, and there was an interesting Q&A with the film makers afterwards.

  • Presentation: Bryan Rieger on Rethinking the Mobile Web

    Presentation: Bryan Rieger on Rethinking the Mobile Web

    Brian Rieger, a designer at design and development firm Yiibu, has put together a great presentation on rethinking the mobile web, covering the current and future prospects for adaptave, accessible web development for desktop and mobile. The presentation by itself is great, but is even better when coupled directly with Yiibu’s main website. They’ve turned…

  • Using The FastMac U-Socket Wall Outlet with USB Power Ports

    Using The FastMac U-Socket Wall Outlet with USB Power Ports

    After months of waiting, I finally got my FastMac U-Socket – It’s an electrical outlet with an additional two USB power ports on it. Now, installed on my wall behind my night stand, I can both power up my iphone while I sleep, as well as keep my lamp and cable modem plugged in. Installation…

  • I’m On The English Kills Concert Poster

    I’m On The English Kills Concert Poster

    For reasons unknown, I’ve been featured on the latest concert poster for English Kills, who are playing April 21st at Arlene’s Grocery in NYC. Highlighting my recent less-than-great haircut, with mullet added for effect. Designed by Jeff Capossela.

  • Launching Apollo 11 at 500fps

    Hot on the heels of two previous posts on launching the space shuttle, as well as Russian Cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin’s first orbit around there earth, now gives us this ultra slow motion view of Apollo 11 lifting off the launchpad on its Saturn V rocket. An incredible amount of power – just watch the…

  • Video – Alone on the Wall: Alex Honnold

    Video – Alone on the Wall: Alex Honnold

    Lots of video posts lately. During my years in college at the University of Colorado at Boulder, I rock climbed a bunch – but always either bouldering close to the ground, or roped up. However, I had a small group of friends who would frequently “free solo”, and climb without a rope. On a number…

  • Building a Reciprocal Roof Structure

    I remember building little reciprocal structures like this as a kid – out of popsicle sticks! Looks like Brian Liloia of “The Year of Mud” blog has scaled it up a bit, detailing the construction process of an entire circular shaped roof held up on its own. Cool. How to build a reciprocal roof frame

  • Optimizing WordPress

    Optimizing WordPress

    Cleanup cleanup.. in the 9+ years that I’ve been a “blogger”, I’ve written over 800 posts. Of couse all of those posts haven’t always been on the same platform, and over the years my blog has undergone many database updates, platform changes, plugin switches, theme options, and of course, technical difficulties. The blog survives today,…

  • Apple’s iAd Gallery App

    Apple’s iAd Gallery App

    Interested in Mobile Ads, specificially Apple’s own iAd platform? Apple just released their very own iAd Gallery app for iPhone. The new app allows users to quickly browse all of the custom developed, HTML5 iAd units that have run on iOS. For digital marketers like me, this app is a huge help for demonstrating ad…

  • Low Clouds in Manhattan

    Two quick ones.. low clouds and fog always make for interesting shots. Empire State Building in blue.

  • Notes from Skillshare Class “How To Travel Around the World Before You’re 65”

    Tonight I attended the Skillshare social class “How To Travel Around the World Before You’re 65“, taught by Kit Hayes and Matthew Johnson. Also, with appearances by Kerrin Sheldon of Wanderfly, and Daniela Papi of We were in the Studiomates coworking studio space in Dumbo, Brooklyn. A few brief notes, taken on my iPad……

  • NOWNESS Nominated for a Webby Award

    NOWNESS Nominated for a Webby Award

    Congratulations to LVMH blog NOWNESS for being nominated for a Webby Award! They’ve been busy posting amazing bits of content on art, lifestyle, fashion and culture every day, and have a great site design to present it all with. I worked with Nowness on SEO, and am very glad to see the site getting even…

  • Postagram: Real Mailed Postcards from your iPhone: $0.99

    Postagram: Real Mailed Postcards from your iPhone: $0.99

    Postagram is a new iOS app and associated service iwhich allows users to send real life postcards, custom printed with any photo from an associated Instagram photo pool. Post cards are just $0.99 to send. The service was announced today by new company Sincerely on their blog: Introducing Postagram – Instagrams by mail. At the…