Online Project: Universal Feed

As part of my new website orginization, and using wordpress to manage all of the content, I’ve begun to post up a couple of project pages.

Nowadays the internet is pervasive, and accessible almost everywhere I routinely go. Throughout my day, as I’m walking around taking picture, sending Tweets, reading news on Google Reader, and doing just about everything else on the web, I’m leaving a trail of media – saved links, messages, photos, music, etc. Unfortunately, all of this content I’m generating on a daily basis gets spread around, and not really collected anywhere in particular. So, if I post a photo to flickr, the only way for you to really discover it is to go to my Flickr page. And so, to get a whole view of what and where I’m posting, it takes a lot of clicks. There are a few solutions out there – Tumblr being one of the big ones. It allows me to automatically import and post items from streams around the web, as well as post directly to Tumblr from a variety of devices. However, Tumblr is not the ultimate answer. There are still a bunch of feeds that dont make it Tumblr – or that I don’t feel are necessary to cross post there.

For a while I’ve wanted to have a common feed of everything I’m up to on the web, and My Universal Feed aims to provide this. It’s a constantly streaming feed of all my “micro posts” or “micro blogs” from around the web. I’m using a WordPress plugin with makes it easy to configure the SimplePie RSS aggregation engine to automatically pull posts from multiple RSS feeds, and display them all on one page. Right now, I’m pulling from Flickr, Tumblr, Delicious, Twitter, YouTube and Google Reader – but will likely add more in the future. Additionally, I’ve been playing with Yahoo Pipes as a way of aggregating and processing feeds before they hit my blog – but so far, it hasn’t been the best solution.

Check out my Universal Feed now!