Using The FastMac U-Socket Wall Outlet with USB Power Ports

Using The FastMac U-Socket Wall Outlet with USB Power Ports

usocket-review-01After months of waiting, I finally got my FastMac U-Socket – It’s an electrical outlet with an additional two USB power ports on it. Now, installed on my wall behind my night stand, I can both power up my iphone while I sleep, as well as keep my lamp and cable modem plugged in. Installation of the socket was fairly straightforward – although since it has additional electronics for the USB ports, it’s a bit bulkier than a standard outlet – thus, I had to move around some wires in the junction box in my wall to get it to fit. After a few months of usage, I’ve found the socket to perform well, and charge my devices quickly. It’s actually faster at charging them than when plugged into my USB hub at my desk.

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4 responses to “Using The FastMac U-Socket Wall Outlet with USB Power Ports”

  1. These things are amazing. I got mine a while ago and they seem to work very well. If anyone is thinking about purchasing them, do it! The install extremely easy and are a little blessing. I am so happy with them. I have three and plan on ordering a few more. Its a great product!

    1. It’s definitely awesome!

  2. Hi Jeff,

    Please be advised that this product is not UL listed and it is under an investigation with UL and Leviton. Fastmac took Leviton’s receptacle and modified it. The product have not been tested by UL and could potentially be hazardous.

    1. Thanks for the info, Joop!