Video – Alone on the Wall: Alex Honnold

Lots of video posts lately. During my years in college at the University of Colorado at Boulder, I rock climbed a bunch – but always either bouldering close to the ground, or roped up. However, I had a small group of friends who would frequently “free solo”, and climb without a rope. On a number of occasions, while climbing the flatirons in Boulder, free soloers would quickly climb past us.

Alex Honnold takes free soloing a step further, climbing some of the largets walls in the US. Amazing.. and incredibly dangerous. Video from Sender Films, and found via National Geographic.

Today, many climbers ascend Yosemite’s famous Half Dome in just a few hours. But how would they fare all alone with no partner, no rope and just a thousand feet of air between them and the ground? Meet Alex Honnold. He’s 23, tall, unassuming and kind of goofy. He’s also a calm, collected super-athlete who is pioneering new territory by free soloing big walls. Alone on the Wall, one of Sender Films’ First Ascent series, follows Alex as he completes two ground-breaking projects: free soloing Zion’s Moonlight Buttress and Yosemite’s Half Dome. In the world of climbing, free soloing is rare, and in the world of free soloing, nobody else attempts such big walls. His climbing is exceptional, but it’s his composure, focus and utter calm that make such an impression.

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  1. I started climbing 1971, ropes and pitons. after many great years of climbing my last climb became Lovers Leap in Strawberry, CA. I was mentoring a friend who wanted to climb, we did the route called The Line. ropes and pitons. finished the climb and trailed back to the base, after which I witnessed two young climbers do the exact csame climb but free. no ropes, no pitons. At that time I became a dinosure and it was my last climb. Climbing has evolved, as all sports do. Solo climbing is now the thing. This young man Alex Hannold is the new breed and with each climb he does I;m held breathless, knowing what he;s feeling from my own experience. Love to watch this young man do his thing. Hopefully he lives a long life. On Belay, Climbing.