Being Interviewed by the Tokyo Broadcasting System

Being Interviewed by the Tokyo Broadcasting System

This evening a film crew from the Tokyo Broadcasting System (TBS), a Japanese TV network,  came to my apartment to interview me for a “60 Minutes”-like news segment for  Japanese TV. They’re doing a piece on Panasonic’s corporate name consolidation, and wanted to get my take on Japanese electronics brands, etc. I talked to the producer a bit about my electronics, what I thought of the industry, what brands I liked and disliked.  They are sending me the segment once it’s completed, so I’ll be sure to post it up…

Check out this film crew in my apartment! Thanks to Elsye for taking the shot of me in front of the camera!

Talking to the camera...
Talking to the camera…
The Tokyo Broadcasting System filmcrew...
The Tokyo Broadcasting System filmcrew…

***Update- Just heard from the producer at TBS that the segment is airing on September 27th in Tokyo, Japan. Stay tuned for the video clip…

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10 responses to “Being Interviewed by the Tokyo Broadcasting System”

  1. hey!!

    GREAT work in your apartment –
    so… do you like the Japanese electronics??

    Best wishes,

  2. Pretty cool. I want to see this when you get it.

  3. For sure!

  4. Fantastic! I have a friend who was interviewed for the Japanese version of “Elle” for being in a “typical New York couple”.

    Some where in the past couple decades the Warhol-promised 15 minutes have been deferred to the isle of Japan. And its probably for the best; seriously who wouldn’t want to utter that preeminently cool phrase “I’m famous in Japan.”?

  5. OMG!!!!
    Can I have your autograph!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?

  6. I had a feeling when you were born that you would be famous in Japan! Congratulations!

  7. neat-o mo-sket-o!!!

  8. […] if you speak Japanese, please let me know what they dubbed me over as saying.

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  10. […] the previous blog post, covering the interview, with photos of the film […]