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South Pole Rescue Mission Reported on NBC’s Today Show

There’s a rescue mission happening at the South Pole, Antarctica – and the NBC Today Show interviewed me for their report. Learn more on my time in Antarctica (On my YouTube Channel – Will be replaced with official Today Show YouTube Channel link when they get around to uploading it themselves)

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Interviewing to become one of the two new Columbia Directors of Toughness

This morning, I had a great time interviewing in NYC with the Columbia Sportswear team for the new position of “Director of Toughness“. I was actually expecting a more formal sit down meeting room interview, but what I found was a casting-session style panel, with lots of lights and cameras. Talking with the Columbia crew …

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Interviewing for the Tour Leader Position with G Adventures

Recently I had the opportunity to meet with G Adventures Bruce Poon-Tip, as well as Global Purpose Specialist Eduardo Cartaya. After a number of inspiring converstaions, I submitted my application to work with them at a Chief Exploration Officer – a G Adventures guide. For your interest, here are my brief answers submitted online. I’d …

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Speaking On The Tokyo News To Houtoku About Panasonic

A few months ago I was interviewed about electronics, and consumer brands for a news program called “Houtoku” (Translated to English), which broadcasts on the Tokyo Broadcast System’s network. They didn’t tell me at the time, but the interview was for a piece on Panasonic’s brand consolidation name change. Now, finally after a little waiting, here’s the …

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Being Interviewed by the Tokyo Broadcasting System

This evening a film crew from the Tokyo Broadcasting System (TBS), a Japanese TV network,  came to my apartment to interview me for a “60 Minutes”-like news segment for  Japanese TV. They’re doing a piece on Panasonic’s corporate name consolidation, and wanted to get my take on Japanese electronics brands, etc. I talked to the …

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